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Fabric Festival Wristbands

Fabric festival wristbands are used for access control, as merchandise, and also for advertising. Fabric wristbands have high advertising value because people tend to keep them for a long period.

Among all the different types of access control wristbands, fabric wristbands are considered the most effective and stylish.

Festival wristbands serve as an effective means of identification and access. They are a fantastic way to prevent unauthorized access to your festival, party, or event and to ensure that your guests can only enter the specific areas they are authorized for. For example during the London new years fireworks display, two types of wristbands are provided. One type of wristband allows helps residents and businesses get into specified surrounding areas without needing proof of address. The ticketed area festival wristband allows authorised ticket holders into the specific viewing area.

JMband is a leading supplier of fabric wristbands for festivals and other events in the UK. If you are looking for festival wristbands, fabric wristbands, or textile wristbands, we can help you find an effective solution at the right price. You can also design your own festival wristband using our excellent online designer tool or send us a multi-colored graphic for printing or weaving on your festival wristband. We offer a wide range of solutions using bands of various materials, as well as festival wristband plastic locks and metal ring locks to secure the wristbands.

  • Polyester Festival Wristbands

    Polyester is the most common material for fabric wristbands. It is durable, easy to weave, and the colored thread colors are stable. Standard polyester is relatively inexpensive, and the threads come in a wide range of colors (most standard Pantone colors). Polyester also sublimates easily. Sublimation is the process of transferring a graphic design from printed paper onto a medium such as a wristband.

  • ECO-friendly festival wristbands

    ECO-friendly versions of polyester are also available. These threads are made by recycling PET (RePET) objects like transparent drink bottles.

    Environmentally friendly bamboo fabric is a soft, cotton-like material made from bamboo fiber. The production process for bamboo bands is complicated, but the final product decomposes naturally and is considered an environmentally sustainable fabric.

  • Cotton festival wristbands

    Cotton bands are another option for making wristbands. They are relatively more expensive compared to polyester bands and are woven on a special loom for cotton yarn. Cotton is a soft, natural material preferred by specific customers who want cotton-made festival wristbands.

Personalized Fabric Festival Wristbands - How are festival wristbands made?

There are three basic options for making personalized fabric festival wristbands. Choosing the right option depends heavily on how the wristbands are used and for what purpose. The three techniques are weaving, sublimation printing, and silk screen printing.

The most common ones are the woven wristbands, which are produced on a loom. The wristbands are woven with polyester yarn and require heavy machinery. Woven wristbands are affordable, durable, stylish, and considered a classic. Woven wristbands come in two types – they can be made in two colors or in 7 to 8 colors, depending on the graphic of the festival wristband provided by the customer.

Sublimated wristbands are produced by transferring a preprinted image onto a polyester (also ECO polyester, RePET) band.

The image quality of digitally printed fabric bands is far better than woven images. Printed festival wristbands have no color limitations (including gradient colors), are comfortable to wear, and are a good alternative to woven wristbands. For more information, see How to choose woven and printed wristbands?

The last option, which is less common, is silk screen printing using a fine-mesh nylon fabric and special ink. This option is mainly used for printing on pre-made cotton bands or ECO-friendly bamboo bands.

Festival wristband locks

The most commonly used festival wristband locks are either plastic locks with teeth to pierce the fabric or metal rings made of aluminum. Other less common methods of fastening a band to a security wristband are achieved using sealing wax, ultrasonic welding, and sewing. Some special machines were invented so that a person can place their wrist on a machine, and the band is welded or sewn without causing personal injury, but these methods are not as common as metal crimping rings and plastic closures.

Locks For Festival Wristbands Accessories JM Band UK

Festival Wristband Plastic Locks (Plastic Cylinder Lock)

Plastic clasp or plastic lock works with any of our fabric bands. The festival plastic lock has a one-way zipper that uses teeth to pierce the fabric and prevent the wristband from being removed.

The plastic clamp for festival wristbands is a "one-way" oval cylinder. These closures have "teeth" that allow the band to slide one way, but when pulled back, the teeth lock into the fabric. No crimping tool is required to lock the festival wristband.

Two-component lock is also made of plastic. When a band is threaded through a cylinder or oval component, another component is pressed in and locked, so the band is locked and cannot slide back and forth.

The correct method of securing a festival wristband using a plastic clamp is to apply the wristband to the wrist and push the plastic lock against the wrist, but not all the way. We recommend a gap the size of a fingertip so that the wristbands are still comfortable to wear. Cut the ends as close as possible to the plastic lock using scissors.

metal clasps for festival wristbands

Metal Crimp Rings for Fabric Festival Wristbands

Metal crimp rings or metal locks are made of soft aluminum that can be pressed with a crimping tool. It is also called Talurit ring. Metal crimp rings are suitable for narrow woven fabric bands. This festival wristband buckle uses a crimped aluminum ring to grip the fabric and prevent the wristband from being removed.

Our metal ring locks for fabric bands are most suitable for any event with a large audience and require a crimping tool to secure the wristband.

tool to close the lock on festival wristbands

Crimping tools for metal ring closure

When using metal rings to close the bands, a crimping tool is required.
The crimping tool presses on the soft metal ring, turning the oval ring into a flat surface with a bend. We offer two basic types of crimping tools; an ergonomic handheld crimping tool and a tabletop press model.

Security for Festival Wristbands - How to remove festival wristbands without damaging them

There is a general rule that says any security mechanism made by humans can be breached by humans if there is enough effort and resources for the task. Fabric wristbands are no exception; there is no full-proof security mechanism. The art is to make things difficult so that individuals with malicious intent find it challenging to execute their intentions.

There are two important security risks: the first is transferring wristbands, and the second is copying wristbands.

When using a crimping ring or a "one-way closure," high security can be achieved provided the wristbands are mounted correctly, and it is checked that the wristbands are securely fastened. In such cases, it will be very difficult to remove the festival wristband without damaging it. See our blog post on 4 ways to transfer fabric festival wristbands, which event organizers should be aware of.

The second security concern is counterfeiting. When a piece of fabric with a ring has a high value because it can grant access to a festival or a place with high admission costs, it can tempt counterfeiting of the band. Woven fabric wristbands are created on a loom, and each loom has its own "fingerprint." Sometimes, it's not easy to spot the difference, especially not with the naked eye, unless the wristbands were produced on the same loom model. So, it's possible to distinguish differences in the weaving. The more complex and detailed the graphic on the woven band is, the harder it is to replicate. Some manufacturers have added a small unique plastic ring to the wristband, adding an extra layer of security.

The video below demonstrates four different methods to remove fabric festival wristbands and transfer them to another person. At the end of the video, there are explanations on how to properly lock the wristband to avoid cheating.

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Design Your Own Festival Wristband via Online Designer

Using our advanced online designer tool, customers have the opportunity to design their own festival wristbands. They can visualize how fabric wristbands will look on their computer screen. Texts, logos, icons, dates, and times can be added. The whole process is completed on a computer screen.

The online designer is simple and intuitive, yet highly flexible. There is an option to choose from a range of fonts, and we have provided a variety of relevant icons that can be added to the design. Once the design is complete, the festival wristband is added to the shopping cart, just like any other physical product ordered from an online shop.

Fabric Wristbands, Cloth Wristbands Or Textile Wristbands?

Basically, all three names mean the same thing. Fabric wristbands is more frequently used in the UK and cloth wristbands is more frequently used in the USA however both are the same product and are used as festival wristbands in organized event. Textile wristbands is also used sometimes to mean the same product.

Buy Online Festival Fabric Wristbands And Festival Wristbands Clasps In UK And Republic Of Ireland

All our custom-printed fabric wristbands and woven fabric wristbands are of high quality and at a very good price. We also provide two types of wristband locks (Plastic locks or metal shrink rings called Metal Locks) to secure your festival wristbands.

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We will ship your order from Aarhus in Denmark and all our orders will be dispatched within 24 hours for items in stock. Plain stock fabric wristbands with no printing are dispatched same day. Production time of custom fabric wristbands normally takes 10-16 days.

We deliver anywhere in UK and Republic of Ireland. Normally the transit time is about 2 days if your delivery address is in or not far from major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland like London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Calgary, Cork, Coventry, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, etc. Delivery to remote areas in the UK may take an extra day or two.

FAQ - about Fabric Wristbands

Modern art wristbands pink

Are fabric festival wristbands secure?

While there is no absolute security, proper installation and closure of the wristbands can make it difficult to remove them without damaging them.

What type of locks are used for fabric wristbands?

The most commonly used locks are either plastic locks with teeth or metal shrink rings made of aluminum.

What material are fabric wristbands made of?

The most common material is polyester, but there are also options like bamboo fabric and cotton.

Can I customize fabric wristbands with our own design or logo?

Yes, we offer a design-your-own feature where you can have your own design, logo, or text printed on the wristbands. This allows you to customize the wristbands for your event, promote your brand, or differentiate between different groups of participants.