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Earplugs in pillow-box with logo

Earplugs in pillow-box with logo

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Product Overview

Polyurethane Earplugs in a Pillow-Shaped Paper Box with Print

Experience unparalleled hearing protection with our polyurethane earplugs, designed to safeguard your ears in noisy environments without compromising on comfort or sound quality. Housed in an eye-catching, pillow-shaped paper box with vibrant full-color printing, these earplugs are not just protective gear but also a statement of care for your hearing health.


  • Earplug Dimensions: 1.3 x 2.4 cm, tailored for optimal fit and comfort.
  • Paper Box Dimensions: 55 x 80 mm, compact and convenient for easy storage and transport.
  • Paper Box Weight: 300 gr, ensuring durability while maintaining a lightweight design.
  • Printing on the Box: Full-color print for an attractive and informative packaging.
  • Material: Soft polyurethane foam, for a snug fit that adapts to your ear shape.
  • Noise Reduction: 28db-33db, significant reduction in harmful noise levels to protect your hearing.
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Importance of Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears is crucial in loud environments such as live music shows, festivals, and other noisy settings. Exposure to sounds at 80 decibels (db) or higher can lead to permanent hearing damage, including conditions like tinnitus. Our earplugs effectively reduce noise intensity while preserving sound quality, ensuring you enjoy the music without risking your hearing health.

Comfort is key when it comes to ear protection. Our one-size-fits-most earplugs are designed to be as comfortable as possible, accommodating various ear shapes without sacrificing protection. Furthermore, the ability to communicate clearly without removing the earplugs makes them ideal for any social setting, ensuring safety without isolation.

Our pillow-shaped paper box not only serves as durable packaging but also offers a unique advertising space. Make a statement with our customizable, printed boxes that highlight your brand or message while providing essential hearing protection.

Choose our polyurethane earplugs for a blend of safety, comfort, and style. Protect your hearing with earplugs designed for clarity, comfort, and convenience.

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