Collection: Ticket Accessories

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Enhanced Ticket Management

JMband offers a wide range of ticket accessories designed to make ticket handling and distribution more efficient and convenient. Here are some of the products we offer:

Do-It-Yourself Stamp: This stamp is specially designed to allow you to stamp tickets in an easy and quick way. You can customize the stamp design and use it to mark tickets as valid or stamped with the date and time.

Paper Hole Punch: This paper hole punch is ideal for making holes in tickets to attach them to keyrings, lanyards, or other accessories. It is easy to use and ensures that the holes are precise and neat.

Multi-Ticket Dispenser: This dispenser is designed to hold and distribute tickets in an organized manner. It has multiple rolls that can accommodate various types of tickets, making it easy to find and dispense them. The dispenser also ensures that the tickets are kept in a neat and presentable condition.

Analog Entry Counter: This analog entry counter is perfect for counting the number of people passing through an entrance or ticket control. It is easy to operate and provides accurate counts, which is useful for events and occasions where ticket statistics are important.

Lottery Tickets 3-Part: These lottery tickets are practical for drawings and lottery events. They are printed in 3 parts, allowing you to keep one part as a reference, give one part to participants, and retain one part for the drawing process. They are numbered and perforated for easy and fair drawing.

Barrier Tapes: JMband also offers barrier tapes that are ideal for delineating areas or creating pathways for events or security purposes. They are durable, easy to install, and can be customized with printing or colors as needed.

These accessory products from JMband are designed to enhance ticket management, security, and efficiency. They are suitable for use in various events, gatherings, and institutions that handle tickets.