Collection: Printer Accessories

In a busy production company, there's a constant need to acquire or reacquire printer accessories to ensure uninterrupted production. Therefore, we have gathered all the necessary products needed to maintain a smooth production process.

Thermal Transfer Foils

JMband offers a wide range of accessories for printers designed to enhance and optimize your printing experience. Here are our products specifically developed for thermal transfer printers and pickup rollers:

Thermal Transfer Foils FM: These foils are ideal for thermal transfer printers and ensure high quality and durability in your prints. They are suitable for various materials and provide sharp, clear images and text.

Thermal Transfer Foils FT: Our FT foils are specially formulated to deliver excellent printing results on different surfaces. They ensure long-lasting durability and resistance to scratches and smudges.

Thermal Transfer Foils FX: These foils are designed to give your prints a glossy and shiny finish. They are perfect for highlighting images and graphics, adding an elegant touch to your printed materials.

Thermal Transfer Foils FZ: Our FZ foils provide a matte finish to your prints. They are suitable for products that require a more discreet and subtle visual effect.

Thermal Transfer Foils FW: These foils are suitable for printing on textiles and fabrics. They ensure excellent color transfer and durability on clothing, bags, and other textile products.

Pickup Roller: Our pickup roller is specially designed for use with JMband's JMB4+ printing system. It provides easy and convenient collection of printed ribbons and media, helping to keep your workspace tidy and organized.

Our printer accessories are of high quality and carefully selected to ensure optimal printing results and user-friendliness. Whether you need thermal transfer foils or a reliable pickup roller, JMband has the products that meet your needs.