Style, Security, and Tailored Elegance

Our luxurious VIP wristbands and access passes ensure your VIP guests enjoy a first-class experience with style and security. With a variety of colors, materials, and customization options, our products can be tailored to match the theme or branding of your event.

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VIP Access Wristbands - with or without print, QR code, and RFID

Elevate your VIP party with our elegant selection of paper and fabric wristbands! Create a refined atmosphere where each guest feels extraordinary. Our wristbands, available in both paper and fabric, with or without print, offer a stylish solution to differentiate between guests. Whether it's discreet unique designs or simple and classic, our wristbands are the perfect accessory to signify VIP status.

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Queen of the Ball

Raise elegance and honor to new heights with our exclusive range of order sashes! Perfect for honoring VIP guests by crowning the queen of the ball, the best dressed, or other highlights at your exclusive event. Our sashes, available in a plethora of colors and materials, with or without print, offer a stylish and personal way to celebrate moments. Tailor the sashes to match your party or exclusive birthday and make the moment memorable. Express honor with style with our versatile order sashes, elevating any VIP experience.

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Got your tickets sorted? - We have a huge selection

Explore our diverse world of ticket options! From parties to VIP events, our range covers everything. Choose among drink tickets, meal tickets, entry tickets, and cloakroom, or create your own with personalized text and logo. Make your event unique and hassle-free with our versatile ticket options – your key to an unforgettable experience!

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Keep track of your guests

Create a safe environment and keep track of your guests for the ultimate VIP experience with our analog guest counter! Our precise and user-friendly click counter is the ideal tool for keeping track of your VIP guests. Whether it's an exclusive party or a glamorous event, our counter helps you maintain an overview of the number of guests arriving. Easy to operate and discreet.

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FAQ - Get answers to your questions

Can the wristbands be customized with our own design or logo?

Yes, we offer the option to customize the wristbands with your own design, logo, or text.

Are the wristbands waterproof?

It depends on the type of wristband. Some wristbands are waterproof or water-resistant, while others may be more susceptible to water.

Can the wristbands be reused?

It depends on the material and design of the wristband. Some wristbands are designed for one-time use and cannot be reused after removal, while others are reusable and can be taken off and used again.

Can I order wristbands in different colors in the same order?

Yes, we allow ordering wristbands in different colors in the same order. You can usually choose your desired colors, specify the desired quantity for each color, and add them to your shopping cart or request it when ordering.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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