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Coupon Tickets with Print

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Coupon vouchers printed

 Material: Paper Tyvek®.
 Water and tear resistant.
 Minimum order 1000 coupons.
 Production time: max. 3 days*.
 Print color: black.


*Production time: 3 days up to 10.000 coupons. For larger orders please contact us.

Specifications for printed coupon vouchers

kupon billet voucher ticket

Size: width - 19mm (¾ "); Length - ~80mm (4").

Max. printing area: 15mm X 75mm.

Material: Tyvek ® poyethylen.

ECO: since 2011 we print using Soya Ink.

TyvekCoupons made of Tyvek® synthetic paper

Tyvek looks like paper, has a texture similar to paper, it is as thin as paper but it is not paper. Tyvek is a synthetic material made of polyethylene. Tyvek is tear resistant, water resistant, hypoallergic and is not irritating to the skin. Tyvek is sensitive to high temperatures and has low ink absorption. It is not printable with standard laser or inkjet printers.

 Water resistant.
 Tear resistant.
 Format: 10 per sheet.